The Story Thus Far

Three adventurers’ lives change when they decide to work together and take up the challenge of taking down Ares’ pet guardians at the Coliseum.
Working together, they narrowly defeated the stone guardians, earning themselves the title of The Stone Slayers by those that witnessed the aftermath of their defeat of the guardians. As part of the reward for accomplishing the task, they were granted the land upon which the Coliseum stood and its surrounds. The land, extremely sizeable, was properly registered and, on a whim, they decided to create a city. In honour of Ares, the god who granted them the land, they named it Ariapagus, inviting people to come and settle in.

While travelling back and forth from their town to the capital, they heard tell of a story far to the east, where the deserts hide treasures in abundance but under the protection of an insane, bloodthirsty gynosphinx. Curious, and wanting the gold for themselves and their town, gathered themselves and travelled to the other side of the world. Along the way, they make friends, give out invites and nearly miss their stop thanks to a vicious storm. Upon landing, they found themselves in the icy terrain where the village they were to start from are assaulted by frost giants to the very far north of the continent.




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